• Types -

  • Agitated thin film dryer
  • Agitated Nutsche filter cum dryer
  • Spray Dryer
  • Spin Flash Dryer/ Flash Dryer
  • Fluid Bed Dryer
  • Rotary steam tube dryer
  • Rotary vacuum paddle dryer
  • Rotary/ Drum Dryer

Drying Systems

The Drying System guarantees you homogeneity of the degree of drying regardless of the humidity percentage of the incoming material. The type of drying is designed not to affect the characteristics and contents of the material. Our drying systems is extremely easy to use; the automatic cycle is, in fact, controlled by a single button with an immediate reading of the parameters from the PLC card display.

Our drying plants benefit from an exclusive hydraulic technology resulting from years of research and experimentation that will allow you to safely dry the waste of biomass materials at any degree of humidity.

We provides a drying systems that is based on the transport of moderately hot air combined with the mixing and crushing of the incoming wet material. The entire operation is continuously monitored by a sensor supplied with the drying systems, which controls the humidity of the material that recirculates until the degree set by the operator is reached.

How Our Drying Systems Works?

The usually humid material (although not necessarily) feeds the mixers-crushers and is mixed with the hot air coming from a special boiler that can be fed with gas or pellets through the loading auger with hydraulic control and adjustment. The shredding unit is used to automatically perform the simultaneous operation of suction and transport of shavings through a fixed cylindrical perforated surface, interchangeable oscillating and rotating hammers.

The entire process is monitored and regulated by the control PLC of the electrical panel; the flow rates and temperatures of hot air are managed by an inverter that controls the main fan. The pneumatic conveying is entrusted to high-performance centrifugal fans in which the material is separated from the air mixed with condensation by means of one or more cyclones, which conveys the material into the drying shell equipped with a shutter for discharging the dry material into the collection container.

When the reading probe inserted in the shell records the presence of material having the humidity level set on the PLC, it unloads the dry product into the container. The collection container is complete with a comb extractor. The speed of the mobile floor, the extraction screw, and the unloading screw is driven by a separate external hydraulic unit.

At this point, the dried material is conveyed through the comb extractor of the container, into the mixing hopper, to then be sent to the pelletizing systems, which conveys the material into the drying shell equipped with a shutter for unloading the dry material into the collection container.

Custom and Quality Drying Systems

For our customers, we develop and manufacture optimized and specific drying systems with high operational safety and quality verification implemented thanks to sophisticated measuring systems. Our drying plants will efficiently and economically configure your drying process so that you can sell your products efficiently. Our many years of comprehensive drying experience always lead to desired competitive advantages. We supply our customers with tailor-made belt dryers, from individual components to the complete plant. In addition to "standard version" dryers, we plan and build belt dryers in special designs according to customer specifications.

Drying System Manufacturer