• Types -

  • Agitated thin film dryer
  • Agitated Nutsche filter cum dryer
  • Spray Dryer
  • Spin Flash Dryer/ Flash Dryer
  • Fluid Bed Dryer
  • Rotary steam tube dryer
  • Rotary vacuum paddle dryer
  • Rotary/ Drum Dryer

Drying Systems

This guarantees that the drying level is consistent across all of your material regardless of how much moisture is present in it when it arrives at your facility. The drying procedure utilized is designed to have little effect on the material's characteristics and composition. One button controls the automatic cycle of our drying systems, which can read the parameters of the drying system from the PLC card display quickly.

Over many years of research and development, our drying units are equipped with innovative hydraulic technology. Waste biomass materials may be dried safely at any relative humidity level with this method.

Drying Systems Supplier provides a practical and ecologically friendly drying system in Pune, which utilizes a combination of transporting moderately hot air and mixing and breaking the incoming wet material. A sensor included in the drying equipment keeps tabs on every stage of the process. A sensor is used to maintain an appropriate amount of humidity in the material being recirculated. When it comes to the Drying System Manufacturer in Pune, then this is the best option for our customers.

We Offer The best Drying Solutions

A loading auger with hydraulic control and adjustment feeds the material into the mixer-crushers, where it is mixed with hot air from a specific boiler that may be loaded with gas or pellets. Although that isn't always the case, the material tends to be wet. A cylindrical perforated surface fitted with interchangeable oscillating and rotating hammers is used to automatically suction and transport shavings. Suction and transportation of shavings are performed simultaneously by the shredding machine.

Regulated by a PLC in the electrical panel, the flow and temperature of hot air are monitored and controlled by an inverter, which is then held by the main fan throughout the process. The material is separated from the condensed air by means of one or more cyclones before being carried into the drying shell, which is connected with a shutter that releases the dried material into the collecting container.

The dry product is fed into the container by the control system when the reading probe inserted into the shell detects the presence of material at the humidity level chosen on the PLC. A comb extractor is included in the collection container to make it easier to remove the specimens. An external hydraulic device, separate from the moveable floor, controls the speed of the extraction screw and the unloading screw.

Dumping the dried material into the collecting container must first pass through the comb extractor in the container and the mixing hopper. Then it must pass through the pelletizing systems, which must then pass through the drying shell, which is provided with a shutter.

Custom-designed and very well-built drying systems

We design and manufacture customized drying systems using cutting-edge measuring technology for our customers. Operational safety is ensured, and quality is verified through these systems, which are simple to maintain. Using our drying facilities, you'll be able to advertise your products more successfully thanks to their efficiency and cheap costs.

As a result of our many years of drying experience, we can constantly give our clients the competitive advantages they need. Our belt dryers are made to order for each of our customers, from the individual parts to the whole facility. Belt dryers may be designed and manufactured to meet the customer's unique demands instead of the "standard version" dryers.