• Types -

  • Essential Oil Extraction Plants
  • Solvent Extraction Plants
  • Solvent Recovery Plants
  • Herbal Extraction Plants
  • Multipurpose Solvent Recycling Plants

Extraction Systems

Does your product require extraction systems? At ASPL, we have developed several systems to meet your needs in terms of extraction. Our extraction systems also give various by products to become this process commercially more viable. We have been developing efficient extraction systems and are committed to improving product quality in Industry. This not only helps to ensure the product quality but create efficient product recovery with yield.From herbs, spices to medicinal extracts, including its allied products, ASPL is your specialist in the field of extraction technology. ASPL offers a wide range of innovative extractors and extraction systems, as well as a wide variety of filtration technologies and customized extraction solutions for industry. ASPL has established itself as a specialist in extraction systems, not only in the Indian market but also with a global network.

Why ASPL Extraction Systems? What Makes Us Special

The highest quality at ASPL

Our extraction systems are manufactured and tested (CE, ISO, TUV, etc.) according to quality criteria in Domestic and International market.

360 ° service at ASPL

ASPL Experts are always at your disposal, and we offer comprehensive services, including advice, planning, design, manufacturing, assembly, and commissioning.

ASPL is happy to answer your questions and offer you professional advice as well as individual extraction solutions tailored to your application.

ASPL works exclusively with plant extracts. We design special extraction systems for our customers from a wide variety of industries that are tailored to different applications. Making extraction systems with consistent quality and at the highest level, that is our goal and our ambition.

How Does Our Extraction Systems Work?

The chemical extraction is provided using mechanical extraction and mixing techniques. Mechanical extraction is based on good control of mixing and its residence time. This is important and complex; it is defined according to the type of finished product, industrial and commercial applications. We must also comply with the regulatory norms relating to Neutraceuticals, Pharmaceuticals and Herbal Extraction Processes considering the Protection of the Environment and safety.
The mechanical extraction can be adapted to various products and minimum to maximum capacities of raw material handling.

Our professionals design and recommend the solution adapted to the type and activity of the systems.
Our design team sizes the complete extraction installation according to the ZF (Fire Zone): considering handling of various volatile solvents.

Extraction System Manufacturer