• Types -

  • Extractive Distillation
  • Azeotropic Distillation
  • Fractional Distillation
  • Steam Distillation
  • Short path Distillation
  • Batch/ Continuous Distillation

Distillation Systems

ASPL manufactures a complete line of atmospheric or pressure based distillation and hydraulic distillation systems. Our experienced process engineers have the expertise and know-how to develop innovative and efficient process equipment for distillation applications.

Distillation is a widely used process for purifying a mixture or separating contaminants from a mixture in industrial applications. The specific purpose of the distillation process depends on the application.

Our distillation systems aims to purify the product by removing all toxic or impure substances. The end result is a high concentration or refined mixture of all pollutants. However, it can also be used to recover contaminated mixtures such as waste treatment solvents. In this case, the concentrated mixture is discarded, and the retention of the distilled solvent is the goal of the process.

ASPL distillation systems are specially designed for many industrial applications, including:

But first, we need to clarify some points about the distillation process.

How does our distillation works?

Our distillation systems is an ideal solution for industrial solvent distillation processes with constant optimum efficiency, safety, and quality. Our distillation systems provide a controlled environment for the procedure of separating various mixtures of solvents and chemicals to achieve the highest quality standards and process requirements. Depending on the ingredients contained in the substance, you can expect a recovery rate of 95% to 99.9%! There are many companies who spend thousands of dollars each year on disposal. Imagine how much money you can save using our solvent recycling systems instead of paying for solvent waste management or a hazardous waste collection company.

ASPL has unique experience in distillation using dozens of different raw materials. However, you can run tests with pilot tools to provide maximum assurance, both qualitative and quantitative.

Prior to shipping and assembling to the customer, a series of tests were performed in the lab to verify the implementation and performance of the equipment.

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