Process Development

We have set up an Innovation and Marketing Committee in the process of developing a world-class pilot plant set up for sound trials for various products in order to match the real needs of manufacturers and our innovative solutions. The management of research and development influences the daily life of our production units, buyers, and our design offices. Therefore, we develop a customized process design on the basis of the needs of our customers.

To maintain our leadership position and our technological advances, we are implementing a strategy of opening up to scientific and industrial partnerships. We are associated with the process of Engineering intended to support partnerships between public research and industry. It aims to develop innovative solutions for dispersing and mixing.

Our Process Development Centre covers a broad spectrum, including the different stages of formulation, analyzes of the materials used, implementation of the complete process from mixing to the finished product.

Equipped with demonstration equipment, our laboratories allow specific tests to be carried out with raw materials and ingredients from our customers. Our laboratories assure initial process parameters and study raw material & product properties. We also provide production equipment, the parameters, and results of which can be easily extrapolated. Density, viscosity, texture, 3D imaging of the finished Spray Dryer, Agitated Nutsche Filter Dryer, and Agitated Thin Film Dryer: everything is measured in the analysis room to leave nothing to chance and allow manufacturers to optimize their process, even their formulation. Currently, we have a pilot-scale Spray Dryer, Agitated Nutsche Filter Dryer, and Agitated Thin Film Dryer with us for trial purposes.

Our Process Development experts are also technologists capable above all of understanding the customer's needs. The link between this need and the company's technical services, their mission is to develop the solutions proposed and recommended by VMI to optimize customer processes. As a utility, we have the Thermic Fluid Heater (1 lakh/hr), 6 bar compressed air, and portable chiller of 2TR.

Build On Sound Process Design To Eusure Your Success

Whether you have just identified a business opportunity or are already operating a functioning production facility, your business goal is to generate a product that can sell for as much profit as possible. At ARKCHEM SYSTEMS, we rely on process engineering to turn your ambitions into business success.

We know that each expansion or upgrade in your industrial project presents a risk and greatly concerns your investors. Through our process design, which we call the ARKCHEM process package, we address the risks of these scale-up steps. Our experience and our credibility will succeed in putting your shareholders and your financiers in confidence.

To achieve this, we rely particularly on our understanding of the fundamentals. In addition, we have extensive knowledge of all the technologies currently used in industrial environments. We are able to identify how you can achieve to produce unit operations at a commercial rate to generate a marketable product.

What Are The Benefits For You?

The definition of the transformation processes required for your industrial operations is the guarantee of your success because it will allow you to benefit from:

Our team works collaboratively with yours to design your processes to ensure the technical management of your deployment projects. Our engineers work according to a methodology developed from best practices. Carrying out dozens of projects of this type per year, they have ample experience and technical skills to support you in making your dreams come true.

Our Intervention In A Few Words

If you have already developed a process for your project, our team can revise it to allow you to improve it. For example, we are working to make it more profitable and more secure for your resources according to your needs. Our main goal is to give more power to the efforts you have made so far.

We have the finest choices in process development

It has been decided to create a world-class pilot plant that will be used to test a wide range of products to match the real needs of manufacturers with our unique solutions, thanks to a committee for innovation and marketing that has already been formed. The day-to-day activities of our production divisions, purchasing, and design offices are impacted by the management of R&D. Because of this. We construct a custom procedure to meet the needs of our customers.

Since we are a prominent company, we are working to maintain our technological superiority by forming relationships with other leading companies. Since the Engineering process is designed to foster collaborations between government-funded research and private industry, we've joined forces with the business. Dispersing and mixing materials in new and innovative ways is at the heart of this project's mission. Choosing the Process Development Service Provider in Pune comes most essential here.

Our Process Development Center provides a broad variety of services, including formulation, material analysis, and the whole process from mixing to the finished product.

When we receive raw materials and chemicals from our customers and clients for testing, our laboratories are equipped with demonstration equipment. Initial process parameters, raw material, and completed product characteristics are tested in our laboratories to ensure the quality of our goods. Additionally, we provide production equipment with parameters and outcomes that may be easily extrapolated. It is possible to analyse the final Spray Dryer, Agitated Nutsche Filter Dryer, and the Agitated Thin Film Dryer to guarantee that nothing is left to chance and optimise the process and even the formulation of the end product in the analysis room. Pilot-scale spray dryers include an Agitated Thin Film drier and an Agitated Nutsche filter dryer. It is for the sake of testing that they are being employed.

Additionally, they are skilled technicians who can fully grasp our clients' needs. Client operations will be improved due to their efforts to implement VMI's recommendations. Interacting with the company's technology offerings, they function as a conduit for customer demand. A Thermic Fluid Heater with a 1 lakh litres per hour capacity, 6 bar compressed air, and a 2TR portable chiller make up our utility equipment.

You should construct your process around good concepts if you want it to be successful

As a company owner, your ultimate goal is to manufacture a product that can be sold for the most profit possible. Through process engineering, ARKCHEM SYSTEMS can help you realise your business goals.

You and your investors will be concerned about any expansion or improvement to your industrial project, and we understand that. Our process design, which we call the ARKCHEM process package, helps us minimise the risks involved with scaling up. Your shareholders and financial supporters, and your staff will have faith in us because of our knowledge and integrity.

We rely primarily on our understanding of the issue to do this. Aside from having extensive knowledge of the technology now in use in industrial settings, this is a huge advantage. To produce a marketable product, we can develop solutions for you to do unit activities at a commercial rate.

Why should you care about this?

Only by clearly defining the transformation processes required for your industrial activity can you secure your success and gain the following advantages:

Furthermore, if your study is based on very credible information, you may be sure that you will be able to get the funds necessary to carry out your plans.