ARKChem Systems Pvt. Ltd.


Effort and tenacity


Respect and generosity.


Rational self-esteem.


Enthusiasm (and positive attitude).


Flexibility, proactive adaptation to changes.

Our commitment to integrity :

The company has its roots on a solid foundation of integrity. Starting from our founder's willingness to carry out his activities with fairness, up to our values, which tell us to behave honestly and fairly with others, our legacy consists of respecting the people around us, taking them in the utmost consideration. Acting ethically is not just part of our heritage:

we know this is the right attitude, which also benefits the business. The Winning with Integrity slogan and the Global Code of Business Conduct reflect our dedication to operating in a respectful, ethical, and honest manner, whether we are dealing with customers, partners, or colleagues.

Win with integrity : The Winning with Integrity slogan reflects our commitment to maintaining our reputation and protecting our financial strength. The Winning with Integrity slogan implies daily work and a series of actions that promote a balanced risk factor and controlled growth. These actions, if inspired by values such as honesty and fairness, help to strengthen our ethical heritage and lead us to manage our business activities with integrity in pursuit of our main mission: to face the most ambitious engineering challenges.

Our Quality Policy

ARKCHEM SYSTEMS PVT. LTD. has decided to undertake to implement a Quality Policy aimed at its development for customer satisfaction. This policy is necessary for the formalization of the objectives and commitments to be achieved.

The concrete basis of this choice is the following wishes:


Overcoming the difficulties caused by the serious international economic crisis, making the best use of the resources of our company.


Ability to adapt to different industrial needs.


Qualified and trained personnel to ensure quality of equipment as per QAP.


Careful quality control of the production process by qualified & experienced quality control team of Engineers.


Udyog Udyom

Annual Turnover

Manufacturing Plant
3000 sq. Ft.


Product Range





Blenders / Mixers

CIP Systems

Vision, Mission and Our Goals

Our Vision

To be a leader in the field of Chemical Process Technology, in the Industrial market.

ARKCHEM has standards and principles set by management, which should be known by all staff and according to which all employees of the company must act.

We share the vision of excellent customer service, maintaining the highest quality standards, timely delivery, and a culture of continuous improvement.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become the leader in the field of industrial equipments by promoting synergy and linkage between end users and players in the industrial equipments chain, by focusing on training, innovation and technological development to increase its transformation as well as its use.

To do this, ARKCHEM SYSTEM’s commitment is to ensure continuous improvement as a method of constant evolution, applying cutting-edge technology, and developing and innovative products and processes.

This adds value to the product, and the service offers technical solutions to integrated design, manufacturing of components, and finished products.

Our Goals

Based on the foregoing, ARKCHEM undertakes to pursue the following objectives:

To attain the above objectives, ARKCHEM undertakes to periodically review this Quality Policy, keeping to the continuous improvement of the activities carried out by the company.