Research & Development

The ability to innovate is the essence of our desire to grow ourselves and promote our partners. Therefore, innovation is at the core of our organization.

Main mission

Innovation management and organization

To facilitate the emergence and launch of innovation projects, we have integrated a team of people dedicated to research, innovation, and the development of new services and equipment.

For over a decade, our R&D professionals have been guided by two topics.

We integrate manufacturers' production issues to provide bespoke turnkey solutions. Our R & D engineers, technicians, and technicians are involved in equipment design up to the testing and certification stages.

Our industrial R & D engineers work under the responsibility of the project manager or R & D manager.

Our R & D engineers perform the necessary analysis and management of raw materials and finished products. Our engineers participate in the development of new industrial equipments to meet consumer/customer demand and be manufactured industrially. To do this, you need to understand and analyze the needs of consumers, customers, and marketing departments, create innovative suggestions, and run experiments based on approved suggestions. Our engineers also need to test prototypes in terms of quality, chemical composition, storage, etc., and check them according to legal and company standards. He adjusts manufacturing parameters and equipment until satisfactory production is achieved.

To enable industrial production of new products, it transfers in detail the composition of the products and their preparation procedures, both in terms of raw materials and necessary equipment and in terms of the process and duration of production.

In addition to creating new products, R & D engineers are also interested in adapting existing products by making proposals to change the composition of the product, especially in response to changes in general taste. Our R&D experts track each new idea from conception to production and goes through testing and testing stages. Therefore, we are in close contact with most departments of the company (marketing, method, production, quality, etc.)

At the research stage, expert reflection covers several aspects.

R & D for your competitiveness

Our R & D department (R & D) is part of our long-term partnership approach. It aims to improve your productivity and the quality of your products every year.

Pioneering design tools

Understanding your needs and issues is the first step in designing an innovative solution. To accommodate individual industries, our team has the advantages of the most powerful design tools, calculation modules, and units of measure.

Research Development Services