Product Development

Many of our customers operate in a niche markets for which there simply are no standardized design solutions. ASPL helps them create a specific solution that covers all customer requirements. For example, we perform very special functions that are required in everyday design tasks. The realization of complete processes can also be part of the specific solutions.

At ASPL, we put at the disposal of the project a team of qualified people-oriented to define, implement, and approve the best production process for the mass production of the product, meeting the required specifications after the R&D and process development phases are completed.

Our Product Development Phases

The industrial product development process is an important process for product quality with a clear emphasis on technology for integrating product design and manufacturing processes.

Phase 1Project planning

Using the most advanced techniques in project management, we configure the project and product quality plan (APQP) with the aim that compliance with the planning leads us to achieve the specifications on time, cost, and quality.

Phase 2Product definition

Starting from the specifications and requirements of the sector, the client, and the product, in this phase, we define all the relevant aspects of the product to be able to carry out from the supply to the manufacture, fulfilling all the established requirements:

Proposals for alternatives to design aimed at optimizing quality and cost (Design for Manufacturability).

Phase 3Definition of the Manufacturing Process

Using advanced quality methods, the process is defined in order to optimize costs and ensure product quality. Some of the methodologies used:

Phase 4Definition and Validation of Test and Verification Systems

We carry out the study of the combination between the different test systems with the premise of obtaining the highest possible detection to achieve the desired quality ratio and customer satisfaction.

We combine the test systems with the traceability of the product and record the different test results obtained on each tested device.

Phase 5Manufacture of the Pre-series

We take care of the manufacture of the pre-series, ensuring that all the production means and the process are tuned so that the production process is standardized, repetitive, and robust.

Phase 6Validation of the Process and Productive Means

We evaluate and monitor the manufacturing process in order to optimize it and obtain the expected quality results. The production process is only approved when the quality objectives are achieved.

What Is Special About Our Product Development Services?

Quality products based on years of experience

Manufacturers of industrial equipment such as pumps, compressors, dryers, conveyor belts, and manufacturing machines offer products based on proven technology that is the result of years of research and development. Each installation tends to be tailored to meet the specific needs of individual customers. Many reputable manufacturers still store their original work in paper format.

Most need ASPL systems that easily adapt to their unique design and manufacturing processes. Integration with legacy systems allows them to use existing data and provide design automation for rapid results.

Flexible design automation for custom equipment manufacturing.

ASPL provides tools that allow companies to fully automate repetitive design tasks and quickly create design variations to meet specific customer requirements.

Modeling from the catalog for large-scale industrial assemblies.

Our solution allows customers to create their own libraries using parameterized components, speeding up the design of your projects.

Smart Product Development Offered by Us

There are no conventional design options for many of our clients since they work in specialist areas. ASPL aids them in developing a customized solution that meets all of the demands of their clients. To give you an example, we do very specialized jobs that are necessary for the course of daily design work. Specific solutions might also include the implementation of whole procedures.

During the project's R&D and process development stages, ASPL provides the project with a team of competent experts focused on developing the optimum production process for mass production by the needed standards. Choosing the best Product Development services in Pune is essential there.

Phases of our product development are listed below

In the industrial product development process, technology plays an essential role in integrating product design and production processes, which is vital for product quality.

Planned activities for the first phase

Project and product quality plan (APQP) configuration is done using the most sophisticated methods in project management to ensure that the project and product parameters are met on time, money, and quality.

Products are defined in Phase 2

All significant parts of the product are defined in this phase, starting with the sector's standards and needs as well as the client's and our own, and we can then carry out the supply to manufacturing process while meeting all the specified criteria:

Defining the Manufacturing Process in Phase 3

The procedure uses modern quality approaches to save expenses and assure product quality. The following are some of the methods:

Phase 4: Design and Validation of Verification and Testing Systems

We research the best possible combination of several test systems to achieve the necessary quality-to-price ratio and customer satisfaction.

The test systems are combined with the product's traceability, and each test result is recorded for each device.

Phase 5: Pre-series production

To ensure that the production process is standardized, repeatable, and robust, we take care of the pre-series manufacturing.

Phase 6: Process Validation and Productivity Improvements

Manufacturing processes are evaluated and monitored to achieve the desired quality outcomes. Only after the quality goals are met can the manufacturing process be authorized.

What Makes Our Product Development Services Different?

With years of expertise, we provide high-quality items. They provide items based on established technology developed over many years of research and development by manufacturers of industrial equipment such as pumps, compressors, dryers, conveyor belts, and manufacturing machines. Each installation is customized to fit the unique requirements of each client. It's surprising how many respected companies still save their original documents on paper.

Customers want ASPL systems that are flexible enough to accommodate their specific design and production processes. Existing data may be used and automated for quick results via integration with older systems.

Custom equipment manufacturers may benefit from flexible design automation

With the help of ASPL, firms may completely automate repetitive design operations and swiftly produce design variants to fulfil unique client needs.

Assemblies that need large-scale modelling from a catalogue

Customers can create their libraries with parameterized components using our solution, which speeds up the design process.