Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC)

The passion for technology, tradition, and innovation has been of great importance at ASPL. The development of cutting-edge technologies for the future has been our prerogative for many years. With a project and engineering team working with an interdisciplinary approach, we have gained experience and know-how respected around the world. ASPL engineers translate your requirements into intelligent machine and systems concepts exactly tailored to your industry.

With these assumptions, we develop customized and intelligent solutions and systems for the production of industrial products. As a leader in innovation, we are constantly seeking further industry developments to deliver high efficiency, precision, and clear added value to our customers. Standing still would mean taking a step back: Instead, ASPL proceeds forward and always remains pro-active in the field of research and development. ASPL - rely on the know-how of technology leaders!

Your ideas are the focus from the start: This is why our engineers analyze your product or process idea and develop tailor-made concepts. During tests in our technical center, we will further optimize your solution together.

Our Engineering Procurement And Commissioning Stages

At ASPL, you benefit from market-leading technological solutions for many areas of application. Our engineering, procurement, and commissioning stages are as below:

1. Project planning/construction:

During the project planning and systems design phase, all the innovative strengths of experienced engineers in mechanics, processes, drive and control technologies, and project management are found. In your project, take advantage of our interdisciplinary team and experience in different disciplines. The build phase implements individual ideas based on proven machines and assemblies. We use the latest CAD systems with 3D representation.

2. Production:

The production of our machines and systems takes place with great vertical integration in our own factories. In addition to mechanical production, we also have our own quality control department therefore respond flexibly to your wishes. Through our international network of market-leading suppliers, we only procure high-quality components that keep the quality promise made by ASPL. For quality assurance reasons, our qualified specialists take over many production steps themselves.

3. Installation, commissioning:

We pre-assemble your new machines and systems in modules as far as possible in-house. If possible, the first functional tests of machines & systems take place. After delivery, we take over the assembly and commissioning at your company - even at difficult installation sites.

4. Production support:

Our specialists adjust your systems optimally to your individual process parameters for a smooth start of production through an initial pre-adjustment and calibration. This is followed by thorough training of your operators and maintenance staff through "training on the job." We accompany you during the running-in phase and give you assistance for further optimization. In the end, technical documentation is provided to you.

5. Service and maintenance:

Our specialists recommend preventative maintenance of the systems to ensure a long-term production process. Identify and inform worn parts to avoid errors in advance. If you have any questions or problems, you can use it at any time. If necessary, you can get support from an engineer via a remote service via modem or VPN access.

Your Benefits At A Glance:

What Makes Our Engineering Procurement Process Essential

ASPL has always had a strong focus on technology, tradition, and innovation. A large part of our authority has always been the development of technologies that will be put to good use far into the future. Because of our work with a multidisciplinary project and engineering team, we've gained a wealth of expertise that's been recognized across the world. ASPL professionals integrate your requirements into intelligent machine and system concepts that are tailored to your business.

To create personalized and intelligent solutions and systems in industrial products manufacture, these assumptions serve as the basis. Our mission as a market-leading innovator is to continuously search for new industry innovations that allow us to give our customers tremendous efficiency, accuracy, and measurable value. As opposed to standing still and regressing, ASPL goes forward and is continually proactive in the area of R&D. Put your faith in the experience of industry professionals with ASPL!

Your product or process concept is at the heart of everything we do. Therefore our engineers begin by assessing and developing custom-tailored concepts. We'll work together to optimize your solution's overall performance through testing at our technical center. Choosing the Engineering Procurement Construction Services in Pune is essential there.

We work our way through the phases of engineering, sourcing, and installation

When you engage with ASPL, you'll have access to cutting-edge technological solutions for various industries. Engineering, procurement, and commissioning are broken down into the following steps:

Initiating and executing the project's design and construction:

During the project planning and systems design phase, experienced engineers' imaginative talents in mechanics, processes, drive and control technologies, and project management are found and put into action. Make use of our interdisciplinary team's many backgrounds and skills in your project. It is necessary to put into effect specific ideas based on already existing equipment and assembly at this phase. Our team uses CAD programs that provide 3D representation.

This is what happens throughout production:

As a company with a high degree of vertical integration, we build all of our own equipment and systems. In addition to mechanical manufacture, we have our quality control department, which enables us to respond promptly and efficiently to your requests. ASPL's international network of market-leading suppliers is our only source for high-quality components, allowing us to keep our quality guarantee. For quality control, our qualified personnel do a large number of production operations themselves.

The system's construction and commissioning are included in this step

We pre-assemble your new equipment and techniques in modules wherever possible right here in our plant. If at all possible, early functional testing is carried out on equipment and systems. Even in complex installation sites, we'll take care of the assembly and commissioning for you after delivering your order.

Involvement in the manufacturing process

Pre-adjustment and calibration guarantee that your systems are correctly suited to the specifications of your process, allowing for a smooth start-up of production. Afterwards, your operators and maintenance staff undergo rigorous "on-the-job" training. We'll be there for you while you get your system up and running, and we'll help you optimize it further. Technical documentation is provided at the end of the procedure.