Opportunity With ARKChem Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Mechanical Draftsman :

This position is responsible for creating drawings that exhibit the detail and method of assembly for a variety of machinery and mechanical devices. To be successful as a Draftsman, you should stay up-to-date with new drafting software and advancements. An exceptional draftsman will demonstrate impeccable attention to detail and have sound knowledge of the discipline they draft for.

Project Engineer :

Project Engineer is to be responsible for all engineering and technical disciplines that projects involve. You will schedule, plan, forecast, resource and manage all the technical activities aiming at assuring project accuracy and quality from conception to completion.

Project Manager:

A project manager is a person who has the overall responsibility for the successful initiation, planning, design, execution, monitoring, controlling and closure of a project. The project manager must have a combination of skills including an ability to ask penetrating questions, detect unstated assumptions and resolve conflicts, as well as more general management skills.

Proposal Engineer :

Handle complex proposals supported by risk assessment, cash flow, scope of supply definition, responsibility matrix and project schedule. Create and manage Power Distribution Systems, applications, trend and terminology knowledge. Understand business goals, challenges and requirements of customers for value proposition building.

Proposal Manager :

The Proposal Manager will co-ordinate and produce the proposal (RFI, ITT, RFP etc.) response whilst assembling a proposal team with the relevant service / product / business knowledge required to win. Responsibilities include the introduction and implementation of all necessary proposal procedures and processes. This is a highly networked role that requires an ability to work under pressure and to challenging deadlines.

Trainee Engineer :

The Trainee Engineer's has to be attending meetings, conducting online and field research, performing all practical and administrative duties assigned by the Supervisor, traveling to other sites when required, assisting on projects, offering suggestions for improvement, and writing up reports. You should be able to work in a team and be prepared to step outside of your comfort zone.

Process Engineer :

The Process Engineer will be able to improve industrial processes in order to maintain efficiency, reduce cost, improve sustainability and maximize profitability. Perform process simulations, manage cost and time constraints, Perform risk assessments, and provide process documentation and operating instructions.
Process engineering is an inherently cross-departmental discipline. Process engineers usually must work with people from every sector of the manufacturing industry – including R&D staff, production personnel, operations personnel, management, and even customers, in some cases.

Process Manager :

Business process managers typically have a vision of the big picture. They understand that enhancing process effectiveness may not be a one-time endeavor, and that meaningful change typically requires continuous improvement. This holistic approach to process innovation also may require process managers who understand that changing one step in the process can impact other process activities.

Production Engineer :

To be successful as a Production Engineer, you should be an independent thinker and keen problem-solver. Outstanding Production Engineers are able to diagnose problems, train staff, and provide effective recommendations. In this position, you will oversee and improve production processes in our factory. Engineering aptitude, high attention to detail and the ability to optimize production processes for maximum efficiency are necessary skills for this role.

Production Manager :

Industrial production managers oversee the daily operations of manufacturing and related plants. They coordinate, plan, and direct the activities used to create a wide range of goods, such as cars, computer equipment, or paper products.

Electrician :

To keep production and manufacturing equipment running smoothly, Industrial Electricians are responsible for handling several daily tasks.

Application Engineers :

Application Engineers are the primary technical resource for the field sales force, and are responsible for actively driving and managing the technology evaluation stage of the sales process.

Marketing Trainee Engineer :

Marketing engineers are an essential part of a company’s marketing team because they apply technical knowledge to sales and marketing campaigns. They help internal sales teams and external clients understand the technical aspects of a product. This is a full-time position that requires both technical acumen and excellent communication skills. Marketing engineers usually report to marketing managers and spend most of their time in the office. However, they may also travel to meet with clients as needed.