• Types -

  • Agitated thin film evaporator
  • Forced circulation evaporator
  • Falling film evaporator
  • Raising film evaporator
  • Zero liquid discharge
  • Wiped film evaporator
  • Natural circulation evaporator

Evaporation Systems

To maintain proper humid airflow during ageing processes, validation testing, and plant growth research, it is often required to produce certain ambient conditions in a test chamber. The use of controlled mixing and evaporation systems is one of a number of modern options for these kinds of applications.

In what way do evaporation systems function?

It is feasible to produce very tiny amounts of moist air using evaporation devices. This time-honoured method requires close attention to the relationship between pressure and temperature. When all of these components are put together, you have a complete monitoring system for the degree of water evaporation that includes a flow control valve, a dip tube, and a pressure transmitter.

Calculating the vapour flow is made possible by converting the change in pressure in the tube into a measure of liquid level change. The precision with which pressure and temperature are controlled and the accuracy with which air saturation levels are theoretically calculated all have a role in the quality of humid air. It is difficult to get an accurate reading for humidity with the current method.

In addition to this approach, Arkchem Systems Pvt. Ltd. has created CEM-controlled mixing and evaporation systems that may be used for a wide range of applications. LIQUI-FLOW and CORI-FLOW are two kinds of liquid flow regulators. A gas flow regulator is the second kind of liquid flow regulator. A temperature-controlled evaporation chamber is the third form of the liquid flow regulator. We are the best Evaporation System Manufacturer in Pune you can think of.

Best System for You

With a temperature-regulated heat exchanger, a temperature-regulated mixing and evaporation chamber (CEM) is utilized to manage the flow rate of the liquid source, which results in the complete evaporation of the liquid. There are a variety of evaporation systems available from Evaporation Plant Product Manufacturer in Pune that can be used in a wide range of environments. They come with control electronics built-in. Researchers have enough time to remove the sample before it dries up or to do a solvent exchange while the sample is still cool.